Friday, February 22, 2008

But What About The Children?

I don't know if I'm pleased to say that the whole world is suffering from financial difficulties, instead of just me and the rest of the United States. Maybe I need to be a bit more and the rest of the United States except for friends of BushCo. But I digress.

I can say I was pleased when I read a recent article about parents in the UK who have decided to spend less on their children. Especially this part:

"...more than one in five parents are cutting back on clothes spending, while expenditure on toys is being minimised by 26 per cent and investment into savings vehicles for children limited by 22 per cent."
I mean, I'm sure that junior will suffer from his lack of designer gym shoes and the latest hand-held game into which he can dive so deeply that he forgets he even has parents, or that he was supposed to feed the dog three days ago.

My heart bleeds. Let me tell you. Maybe his parents can apply for a
Secured Loan. Just pile up all the crap the kid already owns, and it'll probably add up to enough collateral to secure the loan.

But when I heard that junior may also have to minimize his investment into his personal savings vehicle...well. I cried. I just sat down and cried.

At least we can be thankful junior is covered by the UK's universal health care. Unlike millions of children in the United States. But, you know, at least we aren't socialists. No. We definitely don't want to be socialists.

We could die from it, you know.