Monday, December 31, 2007

George Bush Is A Genius!

An article on Firedoglake turned me on to this amazing video by Bremner, Bird and Fortune, a satirical British television program. It talks about the oil revenue law that the American government is forcing down the throats of the Iraqi people, which will of course give the Americans control of most of the Iraqi oil. This is a law that I read about six to eight months ago, but it is rarely covered in the American press (how surprising). Learn more at

Anyway, I love it when comedy can tell a story more effectively than long-winded diatribes from grumpy mid-life women like me. Enjoy! (If you are reading this post via an email feed and can't see the video, click through to my blog to view the video. Also, here are more hilarious segments of Bremner, Bird and Fortune.)


Hungry Mother said...

I remember sitting in a restaurant in Cordoba, Spain during the beginning of the invasion of Iraq. The Spanish people were demonstrating in every town that we visited during the 4 months that we were in country. The French and Germans were against our actions. There was a British couple sitting at the next table. I said to them, "At least I hope we get the oil."

It's all been a very sick enterprise.

Beaman said...

They are a riot. I watch them whenever they are on TV.