Saturday, November 3, 2007

Naming Those Dirty Little (and big) Wars

You know, if it wasn't so damn funny, it would be depressing as hell. George Bush casually on purpose invoking the specter of World War What-The-Fuck-Ever. Cheney doing a follow-up. Then Podhoretz publishing (and making money from - for shame) a book called World War IV. And this wasn't done in unison? buhahaha! Meanwhile, some buhwheat named Max Boot writes the goofiest shit about Podhoretz' book and the correct naming scheme for all the wars. In the process, he chases his tail 'round many a corner.

When the absurdity of it all becomes just too much, one gets comic relief from the old standby of computer and Star Trek nerds. It's reminiscent of my days at (was that during the first or second ickthinian war of the worlds between fantasy football or hockey? I can't remember.), watching the IRC explode with nerdificatious commentary and laughing until my face hurt.

Just read this post over at CrookedTimber, but please, please, please read every single one of the comments. It will restore your faith in our future as a human race. If, and only if, we can get these guys out from behind their custom-built Linux machines and out into the glaring light where they can fix shit. They'll stay up for three nights in a row, drink copious amounts of Doctor Pepper from liter bottles and consume boxcar loads of pepperoni pizzas in the process, but they'll save the world. Swear to God they will.


damozel said...

I found your site through blogrush (just so you know it can work...) Love your enthusiasm. I'm a woman of a certain age myself and equally pissed off.

I get my news from the right filtered through the satire of Jon Swift "sensible conservative" (check him out, seriously) and "Sadly, No" (ditto, though they're just really hard to describe).

I've got you bookmarked and will be checking back here! Good ol' Blogrush; whether it gets me any traffic, it's showing me some bloggers I might not have found.

OMYWORD! said...

Thanks so much for coming by. I have Sadly No! in my RSS feed. I'll have to go check out Jon Swift, because I know there are some sensible conservatives out there...somewhere. I'll be off to your site now. Hey if I have readers, maybe I'll post more often!