Thursday, November 22, 2007

Majority of Iraq Foreign Fighters Not From Iran

So...we better go and bomb Iran then. I mean, they need to get their shit together to live up to the lies the Bush administration is dishing out in order to justify another illegal invasion.

According to this Reuters article, which was based on this New York Times article, which details documents found at a September insurgent hideout raid that listed the names and origins of 700 foreign fighters:

Of 700 foreign militants who entered Iraq since August 2006:

  • 305, or 41 percent, were from Saudi Arabia
  • 137, or 18 percent, were Libyan
  • Yemenis were the third largest group
  • Syrians made up 8 percent
Iran wasn't even mentioned in the Reuters article. I couldn't find any mention of how many Iranians were on the list in the NY Times article.

So, the Iraqi insurgency is made up of men from countries that are, um, our allies.


BillyWarhol said...

Amazing ain't it*



Gaëtan said...

The reason could be that people who are willing to do anything against USA and are from allied countries feel like they have to reach Irak, where they can act for their so-called ideas, when people from Iran know that serving their country they are not serving american interests, no ?

DariDonovan said...

Kind of makes you sick doesn't it? I will be in Colorado on Friday to say goodbye one more time to my son who is headed back to Iraq for his 2nd TOD there.

This whole war mess is Bush's personal campaign in my opinion. What an ass he must truly be.

Steve said...

What's amazing to me is how successfully our government has sold Iran even after their lies and incompetence in selling Iraq were revealed. It's as if America bought a lemon from a car dealer and then lines up to buy another from the same dealer.

billyjacksblog said...

Syria and Lybia-our allies? Surely you're joking. However, your point is well taken. Iran wasn't mentioned in the list of 700. So, what are we to conclude? Should ignore Iran and their open intentions to destroy their neighbor Israel, and turn our attention to sanctioning and bombing our allies? Give me a break!But, I do agree that Bush's rhetoric has been overstated and provocative, and he needs to tone it down and get back to the war on terror. On those points, we can certainly agree! Thanks for the blog--It's great!