Saturday, October 20, 2007

Outrage Fatigue: What a Great Term

The first time I heard the term "outrage fatigue" on this great post on the SuicideGirls website, I jumped up and down yelling, "Yes! Yes! That's how I feel! I am FUCKING OUTRAGED and TIRED of being that way!

But when I clicked through on the link, it was to this Onion story, which I enjoyed immensely. But their definition of outrage fatigue is more like, "I'm tired of being outraged, so I'm not going to be outraged anymore."

Man, If only I were that lucky. If only I could just let go of my anger and shrug my shoulders and watch my country (and other people's countries) going down in flames. Unfortunately, I am that proverbial water barrel under the roof drain. I'm so full of anger, brimming to the edges with it, that it takes only one drop for me to overflow, to spew my rage all over the petunias one more time.

What do I mean by one drop? Oh, one more little bending over routine by the Democrats in Congress, or, um, one more time that we actually give Bush more money to continue this freakin' war, or maybe that recent article about how many dollars Hillary has accepted in campaign contributions from the oil industry and Wall Street, which means when she gets elected we'll be in Iraq for FUCKING EVER!!!!!!!!!! Those kinds of little droplets.