Sunday, October 21, 2007

Do They Have Sniffer Dogs to Handle This Kind of Threat?

Just when I've given up, just when I've decided that the little guy (or girl) will never vanquish the big guy, I read something like this.

Now, what are our American brand of warmongering, neocon fascists afraid of, hmmmm? Spiders? Bill O'Reilly's Butt Vibrator? Liberal Bloggers? Oh yeah, that's right, Teh Gay People. They are afraid to touch Teh Gay People. Shall we mail every member of the Bush administration his/her very own Gay Person?

No. Many of them might like that.

Condoms? Dutch Farm Animal Porn Mags? What? What can we send them?

Can we fake the second coming? Can we have Jesus show up according to some scripture we flog out of that poor raggedy-ass abused book, Teh Bible? We know he has to be white, and have stigmata, and all that. Maybe have him descend from the sky down into the Senate chambers?

Aw hell, help me here. We have to be as creative as those women from Thailand and their panties.