Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pelosi Speaks and Says Nothing

Pelosi says on The Gavel:

Recent reports – the National Intelligence Estimate, and the GAO and Jones Commission reports – all document the widespread failure of the Iraqi government to meet critical political reform benchmarks set by President Bush himself in January.

The stay-the-course strategy by General Petraeus and the President to leave all troops in Iraq has been rejected by the American people.

We need a new direction in Iraq that will protect our troops, promote stability in the region, and make America more secure.

Comments on the post are closed. Gee, I wonder why?

Nowhere does she say anything like the following:
  1. We need to bring the troops home starting right now
  2. We will NOT fund this occupation any more
  3. We will NOT have permanent bases in Iraq
Nancy, if you want to "protect our troops" (such bullshit pandering language), then BRING THEM HOME. That will definitely protect them, kapicsh?

What does "promote stability in the region" mean? It means leaving troops behind and keeping permanent bases.

And "make America more secure" is another pandering bullshit statement. The war has made us less secure, and broke for fuck sake. Ending the occupation and bringing the troops home will make America more secure.

Get ready everybody. Our fearless Democratic "leaders" are gathering the KY and getting ready to bend over yet again.