Saturday, September 15, 2007

John Edwards Video: Powerful Message

When have you ever heard Hillary deliver this powerful of a message?

Now, if John Edwards would stop being such a pussy about same-sex marriage...


Sarcasm Abounds said...

I would like to see Edwards start swearing at his next interview. Logical, articulate, I like him (except for the gay thing as well) but get fucking angry already!

Knock your waterbottle off the podium! Rip your coat off and roll up your sleeves and look like you came to work today, not for school pictures.


OMYWORD! said...

Ahhhh. Passion. It's what we're all missing. Someone who is authentically stirred up, and wanting us to get stirred up too. Leadership, what a concept. Edwards is too southern and polite to get all hot 'n bothered, I think. One of Ron Paul's speaches was passionate (I covered it in a previous post), but I can't vote for him.