Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Doubt: What A Sin

I get disgusted at these articles about Mother Theresa's letters and how everybody focuses on her doubts about God.

First of all, I need to get one thing out of the way. I know this is a political blog but in America today, Christian fundamentalism has hijacked the political process, as have the current king and his regime, so religion IS a pertinent topic on a political blog. Religion needs to be OUT of the political sphere but unfortunately, even though our country was founded upon the concept of freedom from religious persecution and the separation of church and state, the religious right is currently running the country. If we don't stand up and fight this stupid trend, our country is fucked. Period.

Happily, I'll be in France.

God is just a concept. You can make God something amazing and magical and pretend that "he" is guiding you and making you act like a nice person (because you don't have a fucking clue how to do that yourself you know), or you can use God to control, threaten and manipulate people, or you can rail against the "Godless ones" while you proposition cops in airport restrooms, or you can say generic things in AA meetings like "God as we know him/her" or whatever the fuck you want to do. I frankly don't care. Because I live in America and supposedly, what you believe or practice is none of my, or our government's, business. (What a joke.)

But it's the people who have NO doubts about the existence and legitimacy and all that other crap about God that floats around the world, that scare the shit out of me. Like those Islamic fundamentalists for instance. Yeah, I know, they are the devil (another made-up concept), and they kill people who don't agree with them. This, and they, definitely suck. But the Christian fundamentalists lurk around quietly and use their money to rob you of your constitutional rights and pay off politicians to do their dirty work for them and try and force you to live like them and believe in what they believe in through freakin' legislation.

I'm sorry, but I hate them more than the freaks of Islam.

So Mother Theresa was human, for Buddha's sake. Oh, but this might threaten her "sainthood." Another freakin' made-up concept. Another bullshit Catholic PR campaign. And all the nuns of her order are all aflutter about it. They have to have their mother superior explain this horrible weakness of she-who-sits-on-a-pedestal.

"They understood that even as thoughts of God forsaking her
entered her mind, she never rejected God, such was her thirst
for God, such was her greatness," Sister Nirmala told Reuters
at the weekend.
What a load of shit. Now, how did Sister Nirmala know whether or not Mother Theresa ever rejected God? Maybe Mother Theresa did reject God, as many of the holiest people of faith have done throughout the ages, and then let his ass back into her heart.

This stuff makes me mad. Can you tell?

If Mother Theresa saved one life, she was cool. If she saved 50, she was more than cool. If she fucked up a few times, did or said the wrong thing, tried to push her beliefs against birth control on people (a silly thing to do), and Flying Spaghetti Monster forbid, doubted the existence of a supreme being, then she's just like you and me. A human being.

All this falderol is just a distraction. Just celebrate Mother Theresa's life, learn from what she did well, and dismiss what she didn't do well. End of fucking story. Amen.