Monday, August 6, 2007

What I've Been Waiting For: Candidate Issue Comparison Chart

I was thinking of doing an '08 candidate issue comparison chart myself but I knew it would be a lot of work. Now some very nice person named kentbye did it for us. Actually, the original chart was done by but kentbye reorganized it and colored it so it would be easier to read and understand.

I tried to upload an image here but it was too large, so you'll have to click here to view the large chart.

I'm going to study it but I have some comments and questions right off the bat:

  1. Don't bother looking at any of the Republicans. They are freaks. I glanced at Ron Paul because he seems to be getting a lot of Internet attention. It's easy to know where he stands; he's against everything except: drilling for oil, building a border fence, withdrawing from Iraq
  2. How can anyone, especially Democrats, support the death penalty in this day and age? What are we, barbarians? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, we're Christians. It's OK to kill people in God's name. Shame on the following so-called Democrats: Clinton, Edwards, Biden, Dodd, Richardson
  3. And how can anyone, in this day and age, be against same-sex marriage? Just get over your phobic selves and get your noses out of people's sex lives. And don't be fooled if they are for civil unions. They aren't a viable alternative. Civil unions do not afford all of the same rights to a couple as a marriage. Jeesh. Shame on the following so-called Democrats: Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Biden, Richardson
  4. Most of the silly Democrats support No Child Left Behind, a complete disaster created by Bush but given such a genius name by Karl Rove that few candidates have the balls to stand against it. Only Gravel shows any juevos on this one.
  5. Now that I look closely, of all the issue positions that are known about Gravel, I agree with all of them. Man. Does he have a snowball's chance in hell?
I think I'll go ask him.

UPDATE: Kucinich is a favorite of mine too. The only thing I wonder about is why he supports building a border fence. I come from Arizona where, if you drive a mile due west, out of the town of Naco, the fence just ends. Everybody can just walk around it and into the US. It's nuts.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see someone's attempt at a candidate comparison chart. But looking at the chart, I see it can be very misleading. I most closely identify with the positions of Gravel, Kucinich, and Paul. I don't know where many of the candidates stand on a lot of issues, because if I don't agree with them on key issues for me, then I don't look further. I have to disagree with you on your statement that Dr. Ron Paul is against almost everything. This shows just how misleading the chart is. Dr. Paul is a constitutionalist, therefore he is for privacy, personal liberty, and national sovereignty. His approach on most issues is that the federal government should be hands off, and many issues should be left to individual choice, state and local governments. If it doesn't follow the constitution, he is not for it. Here are his positions as I understand them. EDUCATION (no child left behind) - big disaster, the government is trying to impose a one size fits all. GUNS - he's a constitutionalist, don't restrict any part of our rights in the constitution. IMMIGRATION - enforce current laws, no need for new ones (he is on record that voting for a border fence was one of his weaker votes - he voted for the lesser of evils). INTERNET NEUTRALITY - Dr. Paul is the biggest and most vocal of all congressmen on keeping the internet free - he voted against the internet neutrality act because it puts internet regulation in the hands of the government, which is then subject to lobby persuasion by large corporations. Dr. Paul gets a lot of support based on his position of keeping the internet free. IRAN (any foreign intervention) - follow George Washington's advice of "beware of foreign entanglements", promote the American way of life by setting a good example, not forcing it at the end of a gun. SAME-SEX - this is a privacy issue, Dr. Paul as stated "I want government out of your bedroom - and off your back." No laws should be made to promote hetersexual marriage, neither should they be made for same-sex marriage - it is not an issue for the federal government, one way or the other. UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE - the same tax breaks given to employers for healthcare to their employees, should be given to individuals. Individuals would then be able to shop for their own healthcare, rather than be forced to take what is offered to them. Free market economics would then provide better healthcare as general doctor-patient relationships have declined since HMOs have taken over the healthcare system. Again, it is the lobbying of the governement by large healthcare conglomerates which has resulted in the current healthcare problems, government attempts to impose healthcare have only created corruption through lobbying. As a medical doctor and OB/GYN, Dr. Paul has firsthand knowledge of how the system works. EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS - again, the federal government should not impose any regulation, for or against it. It should be left entirely to state and local governments, and individual wants. ABORTION RIGHTS/DEATH PENALTY - every life is an individual and has liberties. Yet again, not withstanding his personal beliefs, the federal government should not impose any regulation.

So, I think shows that a candidate's position cannot be put simply in a chart.

Obviously, I am a Ron Paul supporter. He is very different than the other neocon Republican candidates, he is really a libertarian and stands for individual liberties. In many respects his positions could be taken as liberal. He unfortunately is portrayed differently, because his views and voting record are not fully explained. I don't agree with him 100%, but I like his positions on issues that are most important to me.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a technology report card on congress

It shows how Paul's position on internet neutrality is being misrepresented in the comparison chart. The results are surprising for some congressmen; not what you might think. This is just one example of how the chart is misleading.

OMYWORD! said...

Dear Anonymous - thank you so much for taking the time for such thoughtful commentary. It made me want to go check out Ron Paul. I had dismissed him even though his stance vaguely interested me. I can't imagine ever voting for a Republican in this next election, but I want to see what he has to say.

I am assuming that because you posted this info here, that you will be ok if I use it as a post. I would like to do this for the sake of my RSS or email subscribers who only see my posts, and not the comments. I think your info is great and want to share it. Thanks again and you are welcome anytime.