Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Jack Burkman, The Philandering Family Values Guy, on Al Jazeera

I'm watching an Al Jazeera news story about the hostage crisis in Guantanamo. I call it that because that's what it is. We took people hostage, illegally, and we are letting them rot as prisoners without any due process. The fake investigations and fake trials are all just a sham.

ANYway, Britain has reversed an earlier decision to not accept some of the hostages back into the UK because they were not citizens. So now they are asking for the release of these former British residents from Guantanamo, meaning they were British residents, not citizens, at the time they were tossed into Guantanamo. Meaning they weren't illegal aliens. Britain is asking for their release BUT they don't want to take them back into Britain. They don't think it's their responsibility. The problem with that is if these people are returned to their country of origin, they will probably be tortured. Al Jazeera interviewed a guy who said that Britain had a moral obligation to those people but when that was brushed off (morals are only important when the Neocon fanatical Christians are talking), he said that Britain also had a legal obligation because these people had actually gained legal status in Britain before they ended up being hostages.

Anyway, who did they bring on via phone as an opposing opinion? "Republican strategist" Jack Burkman.

Yes, that would be the Jack Burkman who is just a freaking lobbyist, who goes on and on about "family values" and then has his phone number show up on the DC Madame's phone list AND solicits two young ladies to come to a hotel room and have sex with him for $$$.

Where did Al Jazeera dig him up? Is this the beginning of corporate control of Al Jazeera? We shall see.

But here's what ol' Jack said that made me and my boyfriend turn to each other and drop our mouths to the floor.

He practiced what Hitler called The Big Lie. That's when you state something that is not only untrue but amazingly untrue and you state it as if it is undeniably true. Wikipedia says that Hitler defined it in his 1925 autobiography Mein Kampf as a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously".

Impudence. Good word. Covers the entire Bush administration.

Here was Jack Burkman's Big Lie:

Tony Blair is going to end up being viewed more favorably by history, just as Nixon is now regarded more favorably.

WTF?? Show me where you big perverted slimebag ass. Just show me who is saying that Nixon was a great President. Other than some Neocon goof balls or radio show comedians.

I missed the rest of his blathering bullshit because I was puking in the bathroom. I think he was responding to a question as to whether or not this action by Britain is an indication of Britain changing it's position about the Iraq war and changing its support for the Bush administration. He ended his soliloquy with "That would just be stupid."

So are you Jack. So are you.


g0annahead said...

Watching interview on Aljazeera.
This man is a dangerous and deluded corporate puppet.
Don't listen to his ramblings.

g0annahead said...

Watching interview on Aljazeera.
This man is a dangerous and deluded corporate puppet.
Don't listen to his ramblings!

OMYWORD! said...

Hi g0annahead. I agree. It was just interesting to me that Aljazeera, banned in most of the US because they think it's a terrorist network, uses neocons as representatives of the right, to "balance" an issue. That fascinates me.