Sunday, August 19, 2007

If Only...

So Nicole and Jeffery Rank won their $80,000 lawsuit against the Bush administration for being handcuffed and dragged off from one of Bush's appearances because they were wearing anti-Bush T-shirts. In the process of the trial, a previously unknown document called the Presidential Advance Manual was unearthed, which gives White House advance personnel direction as to how to control protesters. From the ABC Blotter:

“As a last resort, security should remove the demonstrators from the event,” the manual instructs. The government turned over a heavily redacted version of the manual to the ACLU in the course of the lawsuit.

The first step to keeping demonstrators out of events, the manual tells the president’s event staff, is to encourage the Secret Service to “ask the local police department to designate a protest area…preferably not in view of the event site or the motorcade route.”

Inside the event space, the manual advises, White House advance personnel should preposition “rally squads” that can swarm any protesters at the event and “use their signs and banners as shields between the demonstrators and the main press platform.” The rally squads can be formed using “college/young republican organizations, local athletic teams, and fraternities/sororities,” the manual notes.

If Only the Bush administration put as much energy into America's infrastructure (i.e. bridges), Katrina victims and wounded veterans, just to name a few, as they put into suppressing dissent, just think what a different place America would be.

Only paranoid, control-freak, secretive, closed regimes suppress dissent. Oh, I forgot, that's what we have in America right now. We certainly don't have Democracy, as we jack-boot into other countries and shove "Democracy" down their throats. As we illegally invade and occupy other countries under the guise of freedom. Here you go, Be Free, but you can only do it OUR WAY. Or we'll, uh, shoot you.

Meanwhile, while the neo-cons are getting their rocks off on all this war shit, they've never been in battle and neither have their privileged kids. And as they have their backs turned on America, ignoring its people, America crumbles. Not just the bridges. How about the 99 active duty soldiers who committed suicide in 2006 - the highest number in 26 years. i couldn't find a statistic on the number of inactive duty suicides. Go figure.

It's all about focus. You only have so much money (allegedly). You only have so many troops (we know that. The neo-cons won't accept the reality). You only have so much time. You can only manipulate public opinion for so long until even your supporters start scratching their heads and saying, "Are these guys high or something?" You only have so much good will at home and in the rest of the world.

Rome is burning while the neo-cons are fiddling with protesters wearing t-shirts. And just like Nero blamed the Christians, the neo-cons will blame the Democrats. Just listen to Karl Rove spew his bullshit today when he does the TV rounds.