Friday, August 24, 2007

Free The Jena Six - Please Take Action

The traditional media isn't covering this huge travesty. Things like this should not happen in America, or anywhere else for that matter. So please read the information below and if you are so inclined, please take action, no matter where you are in the world.

READ: this article by Jordan Flaherty (MySpace, Article List on AlterNet) from LeftTurn Magazine, which gives the background of the story and is current as of August 14th:

Racism and Resistance: The Struggle to Free The Jena Six




Anonymous said...

I will share a story with you regarding my son. His friends and he shared a table in the lunchroom of the local high school every day. Every day, a WHITE group of kids sitting at a differnet table threw food at my son's group. My son's group complained to the school and they said they would take care of the problem.

Well, they didn't. The next day again this group of kids threw food at my son's table.

Later that day when my son seen one of the WHITE guys in the hallway and the guy made a comment, my son pushed the kid into the locker.

This was observed by a school official and my son WAS CHARGED WITH ASSAULT! Guess what, my son is also WHITE. Needless to say, had my son's WHITE group gotten together to beat one of the other kids in the same fashion of the Jena 6, they certainly would have been charged with attempted murder. I do not believe for a second that the charges would have been otherwise had the Jena 6 been white. They beat the guy 6 on 1 almost to death.

Alot of people are trying to FREE the Jena 6 and are collecting money for the 6's defense.

Speak of unfairness! My WHITE son would not have gotten the support morally or financially for his trial. He would have had to pay for what he did.

The noose hanging was wrong, but you cannot say in good conscious that it merited a beating 6 to 1. Nor can you even compare a beating like that to a mere symbol. I do agree that the white boys should have been punished for hanging a noose at school & they were. BUT - there is no comparison to the beating one of them endured - and so the punishment should not have any comparison.

Please - what is wrong here? What message are you sending here? That if you are "offended" you have the right to beat up or kill the person who offended you? So if an arab happens to burn a catholic cross, is it OK for 6 white people to beat him mercilessly? NO!!

What you are saying is that since they were offended by the noose that it is OK to beat the 1 guy up like they did??? That they should be freed?

I thought you wanted equality as a race and I think that should happen.... but you have to take the whole package. These 6 beat up 1 kid, because they were offended.

Freeing them and calling it OK would be a total injustice and totally unfair... and further, teach other young blacks that if you do something wrong, don't worry... you will have an army of black people paying for attorneys and signing petitions for your freedom.

Not a message I would want my young son (or daughter) to hear.

Peace & equality to all.