Monday, August 6, 2007

190,000 Missing Guns Found in Cheney's Bunker

The US Government reluctantly admitted (after being exposed by an investigation carried out by the Government Accountability Office) that, well, yeah, ok, so 190,000 weapons, including 110,000 AK-47 assault rifles, went off and got themselves lost. Shame on them. We kept telling them and telling them, "Pay attention! Don't get lost!" But would they listen? No.

Meanwhile, Iraq's ambassador to Washington complained that the US wasn't giving them enough weapons.

I can make a bet, right here and now. America will shrug its collective shoulders. Congress will pass a bill to supply the Iraqi army with more guns.

Meanwhile, those guns are sitting in Cheney's bunker, ready for his next hunting trip. Or his next war in Iran. Or he's selling them to the Chinese. Or he's shipping them to KBR and taking a cut off the profits.

And somebody actually sent me an email the other day, bitching about them thar illegal aliunz that are tekin' awl ar social sekurity rhats and makin' us real Amerikuns stand in line in hospituhls. Billions and billions of our tax dollars have been completely and utterly wasted on this war. Lost. Squandered. Stolen. And everybody is getting all stirred up about them mexikuhns.

Pisses me off.

UPDATE: Great quote from an article on Americablog:

"Incidentally, lest you think this is a general problem with weapons disbursement, or even just a general military problem, you should know that we distributed $100 million worth of defense equipment in Bosnia, and the GAO found no problems in accounting for those weapons."