Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just Saw Jarvis Cocker on Tratata in Paris

Jarvis Cocker just performed the song Cunts Are Still Running The World, which fits my mood perfectly right now. That's the British definition of cunt by the way, not the nasty American definition. I saw him on Taratata, an amazing late-night music show on French TV. Here are the lyrics (courtesy of MerseyRemakes):

Well did you hear, there’s a natural order.
Those most deserving will end up with the most.
That the cream cannot help but always rise up to the top,
Well I say: Shit floats.
If you thought things had changed,
Friend you’d better think again,
Bluntly put in the fewest of words,
Cunts are still running the world,
Cunts are still running the world.

Now the working classes are obsolete,
They are surplus to societies needs,
So let ‘em all kill each other,
And get it made overseas.
That’s the word don’t you know,
From the guys thats running the show,
Lets be perfectly clear boys and girls,
Cunts are still running the world,
Cunts are still running the world.

Oh feed your children on Cray fish and Lobster tails,
Find a school near the top of the league,
In theory I respect your right to exist,
I will kill ya if you move in next to me,
Ah it stinks, it sucks, it’s anthropologically unjust,
But the takings are up by a third, Oh So
Cunts are still running the world,
Cunts are still running the world.

Your free market is perfectly natural,
Or do you think that I’m some kind of dummy,
It’s the ideal way to order the world,
Fuck the morals, does it make any money?
And if you don’t like it? Then leave.
Or use your right to protest on the street,
Yeah, use your rights but don’t imagine that it’s heard, Oh no no,
Cunts are still running the world,
Cunts are still running the world.

And the video...

Sane Iraq Exit IS Possible

I knew this was true. I just couldn't put it together myself. This Neocon either-or, black-white, with us or agin us mentality has created a false construct: that there's only two choices for leaving Iraq, immediate exit which will throw the country into complete destructoland or leave the troops there for a loooooooooooooooooooong time. There's never been any in-between choices aired.

Finally, the Center For American Progress released a report that stated "Deciding between a swift or extended redeployment, however, is a false dilemma."

Well of course it is.

The report, How to Redeploy: Implementing a Responsible Drawdown of U.S. Forces from Iraq, was written by Lawrence J. Korb, Max Bergmann, Sean Duggan, and Peter Juul.

I imagine that Bush will read this just like he read the Baker report.

Meanwhile, the report has more to say:

"Undeterred, the Bush administration believes the latest surge strategy should be maintained well into next year and has already mapped out plans to keep large numbers of troops on the ground in Iraq through 2009. This is the wrong course. As the Center for American Progress has argued previously in “Strategic Reset,” Iraq is currently engaged in multiple internal conflicts that American military power cannot resolve. President Bush’s “surge” strategy has ignored this fundamental premise..."

The report recommends "an orderly and safe withdrawal is best achieved over a 10- to 12-month period" and "We believe that all essential, sensitive, and costly equipment must be safely withdrawn, but taking out non-vital equipment and the meticulous dismantling of certain facilities with no military value should not be an obstacle to redeploying our troops out of harm’s way in Iraq and back into the fight against terrorism, which national security experts from across the political spectrum agree threatens the United States more than at any time since 9/11."

It can be done. Don't let them tell you anything different. We should start the process right now.

Bush Baffles With Bullshit In Katrina PR Opportunity

It amazes me that George Bush has the brass balls to show up in Louisiana and brag about all the aid the government has given post-Katrina victims. Here's an excerpt from a ThinkProgress article:

He bragged that the federal government has provided Louisiana with $700 million in emergency education funds to rebuild the school system. “I believe in freedom to manage and accountability to make sure everybody learns,” said Bush. “It’s what I call challenging the soft bigotry of low expectations.”
What does his sentence mean? "I believe in freedom to manage..." must mean that he doesn't believe in government regulations that would keep people honest. "...and accountability..." must mean that he's going to make General Petreus accountable for the disappearance of 190,000 weapons in Iraq? " make sure everybody learns." Who the fuck is everybody? Him?

Here's what it all really means. George Bush believes in no-bid Katrina contracts where nobody can be held accountable and nobody learns a fucking thing while they siphon huge amounts of money into their own and their relatives' pockets while meanwhile a shitload of human beings in Mississippi and Louisiana suffer.

Watch Out For That "Green Zone Fog"

When you go to Iraq, 90% of your time is spent in The Green Zone, where your experience is controlled by the US military. You can't get a feel for how the Iraqis live by hiding in the Green Zone. Unless of course you're John McCain and you exclaim how fun and normal it is to go to the market in a flack jacket and helmet and with a full escort that includes helicopter cover.

According to a ThinkProgess article:

Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA), who recently returned from Iraq as well, said his experience led him to believe the escalation should be sustained until next year. Asked to address Baird’s comments, Tauscher suggested he had become a victim of the “green zone fog”:

I will tell you that when you get in the Green Zone, there is a physiological phenomenon I think called Green Zone fog. … It’s death by powerpoint. … It’s always that their argument is winning.

She added later, “It’s very, very easy to be influenced, from their point of view, that things are better.” She said they will “shape” facts to show gains being made. Meanwhile, the reality in Iraq is that there is a lot of sectarianism in the government, particularly at the Ministry of Interior. “The MOI is basically this sleeper cell organization of Shiite death squads,” she said.

Death by PowerPoint. I bet there are some people in Iraq who wish they could die at the hands of a PowerPoint presentation versus what they face every day.

Big Bucks Pro-War Ad Campaign Launches Today

I just got an email from

This morning, in cities around the country, $15 MILLION in pro-war TV ads are going on the air. The ads, sponsored by a White House front group, push for us to stay in Iraq for years or decades more.

The Republican ads are emotional, and they'll be able to saturate the airwaves most of the cities they're running in. They lie— linking Iraq and 9/11. And unless we can get up on the air to fight back, they may be effective in helping President Bush keep the war going. Our ad producers have been working day and night to put together ads that we think can counter the White House onslaught. But to produce, test, and start to run the ads, we need to raise about $200,000 in the next 24 hours.

Click here if you can chip in $25 to help.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Whistleblowers Used to be Protected by the Government

Not any more. Especially when you fiddle with Halliburton or all those missing weapons. The following excerpts were taken from an article entitled Iraq Whistleblowers Punished on

Here's an interesting fact to ponder:

  • Congress gave more than $30 billion to rebuild Iraq, and at least $8.8 billion of it has disappeared, according to a government reconstruction audit.
Some upstanding American citizens were concerned:
  • Navy veteran Donald Vance told the FBI about guns, land mines and rocket-launchers, sold illegally by the Iraqi-owned company he worked for, Shield Group Security Co., for cash, no receipts necessary. The buyers were Iraqi insurgents, American soldiers, State Department workers, Iraqi embassy and ministry employees. "It was a Wal-Mart for guns,” he says.
  • Bunnatine “Bunny” Greenhouse, as the highest-ranking civilian contracting officer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, she testified before congress in 2005 about widespread fraud in multibillion-dollar rebuilding contracts awarded to former Halliburton subsidiary KBR."
  • Robert Isakson filed a whistleblower suit against contractor Custer Battles in 2004, alleging the company bilked the U.S. government out of tens of millions of dollars by filing fake invoices and padding other bills for reconstruction work.
  • Julie McBride testified last year that as a “morale, welfare and recreation coordinator” at Camp Fallujah, she saw KBR exaggerate costs by double- and triple-counting the number of soldiers who used recreational facilities. She also said the company took supplies destined for a Super Bowl party for U.S. troops and instead used them to stage a celebration for themselves.
Here's what happened to them:
  • Navy veteren Donald Vance: 97 days in an American military prison outside Baghdad that once held Saddam Hussein, classified as a security detainee. Also held was colleague Nathan Ertel, who helped Vance gather evidence documenting the sales, according to a federal lawsuit both have filed in Chicago, alleging they were illegally imprisoned and subjected to physical and mental interrogation tactics 'reserved for terrorists and so-called enemy combatants.'"
  • Bunnatine “Bunny” Greenhouse: "Greenhouse was demoted. She now sits in a tiny cubicle in a different department with very little to do and no decision-making authority, at the end of an otherwise exemplary 20-year career. People she has known for years no longer speak to her. ... In her demotion, her supervisors said she was performing poorly. 'They just wanted to get rid of me,' she says softly. The Army Corps of Engineers denies her claims."
  • Robert Isakson: He and his co-plaintiff, William Baldwin, pursued the suit for two years, gathering evidence on their own and flying overseas to obtain more information from witnesses. Eventually, a federal jury awarded a $10 million judgment against the now-defunct firm, which had denied all wrongdoing. It was the first civil verdict for Iraq reconstruction fraud. But in 2006, U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III overturned the jury award. He said Isakson and Baldwin failed to prove that the Coalition Provisional Authority, the U.S.-backed occupier of Iraq for 14 months, was part of the U.S. government.
  • Julie McBride “After I voiced my concerns about what I believed to be accounting fraud, Halliburton placed me under guard and kept me in seclusion,” she told the committee. “My property was searched, and I was specifically told that I was not allowed to speak to any member of the U.S. military. I remained under guard until I was flown out of the country.” Halliburton and KBR denied her testimony. She also has filed a whistleblower suit. The Justice Department has said it would not join the action. But last month, a federal judge refused a motion by KBR to dismiss the lawsuit.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Quote of the Day

George Bush talking about the Iraq government - quote from a BBC article:

"If the government doesn't respond to the demands of the people, they will replace the government..."

Yes they will you goof ball.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Free The Jena Six - Please Take Action

The traditional media isn't covering this huge travesty. Things like this should not happen in America, or anywhere else for that matter. So please read the information below and if you are so inclined, please take action, no matter where you are in the world.

READ: this article by Jordan Flaherty (MySpace, Article List on AlterNet) from LeftTurn Magazine, which gives the background of the story and is current as of August 14th:

Racism and Resistance: The Struggle to Free The Jena Six



Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Iraq Veterans Encouraging Soldiers Not To Fight

Back in May, I published a post where I wondered why all the soldiers in Iraq just didn't go AWOL. I had been wondering that for some time, and still think about it today. I mean, what would happen if, one morning in the Green Zone, every soldier refused to get out of bed?

Nobody can shoot them or eat them, allegedly. They would be prosecuted and probably do time. I understand they could lose their benefits and that this could have a major impact on their families, so I'm not making light of such a difficult decision. It could mess up their lives for quite a while, but at least they would stay alive. I mean, if every single one of them, or even a majority of them refused to go out there and fight, the military would be in a big pickle.

So it was with some interest that I read this article on CommonDreams:

"Members of a leading Iraq war veterans’ organization voted this weekend to launch a campaign encouraging U.S. troops to refuse to fight."
Well now. That's more like it. Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) are doing much more than that. They are getting very creative. I loved this one:

In September, the organization plans to launch a “truth in recruiting” campaign. The campaign will include antiwar outreach into high schools and community colleges, protests at recruiting stations, and efforts to “make friends with a recruiter,” whereby a person who is not interested in military service contacts a recruiter in order to waste his time and prevent him from encouraging others to join the ranks.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

If Only...

So Nicole and Jeffery Rank won their $80,000 lawsuit against the Bush administration for being handcuffed and dragged off from one of Bush's appearances because they were wearing anti-Bush T-shirts. In the process of the trial, a previously unknown document called the Presidential Advance Manual was unearthed, which gives White House advance personnel direction as to how to control protesters. From the ABC Blotter:

“As a last resort, security should remove the demonstrators from the event,” the manual instructs. The government turned over a heavily redacted version of the manual to the ACLU in the course of the lawsuit.

The first step to keeping demonstrators out of events, the manual tells the president’s event staff, is to encourage the Secret Service to “ask the local police department to designate a protest area…preferably not in view of the event site or the motorcade route.”

Inside the event space, the manual advises, White House advance personnel should preposition “rally squads” that can swarm any protesters at the event and “use their signs and banners as shields between the demonstrators and the main press platform.” The rally squads can be formed using “college/young republican organizations, local athletic teams, and fraternities/sororities,” the manual notes.

If Only the Bush administration put as much energy into America's infrastructure (i.e. bridges), Katrina victims and wounded veterans, just to name a few, as they put into suppressing dissent, just think what a different place America would be.

Only paranoid, control-freak, secretive, closed regimes suppress dissent. Oh, I forgot, that's what we have in America right now. We certainly don't have Democracy, as we jack-boot into other countries and shove "Democracy" down their throats. As we illegally invade and occupy other countries under the guise of freedom. Here you go, Be Free, but you can only do it OUR WAY. Or we'll, uh, shoot you.

Meanwhile, while the neo-cons are getting their rocks off on all this war shit, they've never been in battle and neither have their privileged kids. And as they have their backs turned on America, ignoring its people, America crumbles. Not just the bridges. How about the 99 active duty soldiers who committed suicide in 2006 - the highest number in 26 years. i couldn't find a statistic on the number of inactive duty suicides. Go figure.

It's all about focus. You only have so much money (allegedly). You only have so many troops (we know that. The neo-cons won't accept the reality). You only have so much time. You can only manipulate public opinion for so long until even your supporters start scratching their heads and saying, "Are these guys high or something?" You only have so much good will at home and in the rest of the world.

Rome is burning while the neo-cons are fiddling with protesters wearing t-shirts. And just like Nero blamed the Christians, the neo-cons will blame the Democrats. Just listen to Karl Rove spew his bullshit today when he does the TV rounds.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Syrian Diplomat Has A Personal Blog

I thought this was pretty cool. It's like Imad Moustapha is a regular guy, who blogs about his summer vacation with his wife and a newborn baby. Well, actually, he is a regular guy. He also has great taste in art and posts many images of Syrian artists on his blog.

Take a peek here for the short version (less load time) but I prefer the long version with more artists posted and a long discussion about Ezra Pound.

I haven't done any research on him, so he may be a regular guy but he might be a bad guy too. I don't know though; he says "Bush and his neo-cons..." somewhere in the blog. He can't be half bad.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Newt Gingrich Is A Big Ass

I just read an article over at the Carpetbagger Report that quotes Newt Gingrich as saying that illegal aliens are massacring our youth and Bush needs to do something about it. What a pile of stinking excrement.

I just did a little research as to who exactly is getting "massacred" in the US and who is doing the Massacring. For the years 2004 and 2005, blacks and whites are getting equally slaughtered and are equally doing the slaughtering. The only other race tracked was "Other" which included Hispanics and some tribes in Alaska.Those murder victims and murderers are a tiny percentage of the blacks and whites killing each other.

Males are doing the major percentage of murders. So, Newt, MEN are slaughtering our youth, so maybe we should get rid of all the MEN? I think we should start getting hysterical about the MEN terrorists. The new (?) threat.

The World at My Fingertips

I am in a unique situation, and I tend to forget that I am. I quit my corporate job so that I can write, blog and do voice and film work. I have no children. So there are none of the typical demands on me that so many other people have. I don't have to get up at o-dark-thirty to shower and put on my corporate costume, blow my hair dry or do my makeup. I don't have to make breakfast for myself or my family. If I have breakfast, it's because my sweet boyfriend made it for me. I don't have to commute to or from work. I don't have to get the kids bathed, dressed, undressed, make their lunches, pack their backpacks, help them with their homework. Some times I have to feed the cat. That's about it.

Meanwhile, I am on my computer from dawn 'til midnight. I have my Feedreader running and a little message pops up the second some new piece of news comes in. If the Main Stream Media or any blog publishes a news item or post, I know it within seconds. Because I subscribe to vast numbers of media outlets, I get that same piece of news in multiple flavors, from the New York Times to Aljazeera to some blogger in her pajamas. I can see who got there first, who lagged behind, who didn't cover it at all. Over time, I can compare all the different versions and quickly see who's full of shit and who isn't.

Within the hour, more in-depth analysis arrives and I get to read more thoughtful information from somebody who took the raw facts and started to weave them into the context of our lives or the situation at hand. Then the Neocon pundits weigh in, the chicken-hawk ambulance chasers of the news world. They take out their rectal thermometer and take the temperature of their little world. They decide what they are going to say about the news, based on what everybody else (in their limited little lexicon) thinks. They may even try and decide how to "frame" things so they appear to have a better take on it, or in such a way that they will incite controversy, stir up trouble, or otherwise call attention to themselves.

Meanwhile, the comments on the blogs start firing up and I get huge amounts of background links and other information. I sift through it all to get at the truth, if such a thing exists.

What a show I get to watch from my little 4th-floor Parisian perch and my 17-inch screen.

This morning, when I read a Truthdig article about Hillary being way too nuke friendly, I shook my head in agreement and made one of my most common mistakes. I figured that everybody else must know this stuff about Hillary too, and so I wouldn't bother to blog about it. That's when it hit me: the average work- and family-flogged American doesn't have the same advantage as I do. They are too darn busy to do what I do. They probably don't know. They probably get little tiny bits of news as they're driving home from work, or after dinner as they nod off.

I think of all my well-meaning left-leaning friends, my women friends, and although I haven't taken a poll, I would not be surprised if they publicly or privately were rooting for Hillary. It's not the stupidest thing to do. As a Jungophile (someone who reads Carl Jung), I believe that our world needs more women in positions of power. Not women (like Ann Coulter and What's-her-face Malkin) who ascribe to, fawn over and get their rocks off by associating themselves to the paternalistic, overly male-dominated philosophy of current corporate and political power, but women who are brilliant and strategic as well as intuitive, compassionate and inclusive.

Hillary meets many of those standards. She is an amazing fund raiser, which really is the only way to get elected in America. He or She with the biggest campaign fund wins. Plain and simple. She's also a brilliant strategist. And I watched her new TV ad this morning and despite what I think of her, I cried in the end. It got to me, like it will get to many struggling Americans, to think that somebody as exalted as she is, really fucking cares what I think and what happens to me. That somehow my struggle is her struggle and that I will no longer be "invisible" to the President. I told you she was brilliant.

There's just some glaring facts that stand in the way of me supporting her, referencing where she stands on the handy issues chart I posted last week:

  • She supports the death penalty. This stance is nothing more than an abomination in this day and age.
  • She supports the Patriot Act.
  • She supports a border fence. The Berlin wall boondoggle - think of all the industries that would benefit from those ongoing contracts - building, maintenance, etc. I think that instead, we need to build a wall between the US and Canada - to keep Americans from fleeing into Canada, for prescription drugs, non-violence, or sadly, a better place to live.
  • She may say she wants us out of Iraq but out of the other side of her mouth she supports leaving some vague number of troops there for some vague (meaning long) amount of time for "training" and other bullshit like that. I think she's pandering, like the TruthDig article says, to her lobbyist campaign donors in the military industrial complex
  • She failed miserably with her first health care initiative because she's got too many insurance and health industry extortionists/lobbyists sliding money into her campaign coffers. Unfortunately, the only way to improve health care in the United States is to get the insurance companies out of the picture. She's not going to let that happen.
  • She's against same-sex marriage, which is just plain bullshit. I'm not gay but I really despise her (and Edwards and Obama) for her cowardice on this topic. She's pandering to the religious right to try and get their votes. Good fucking luck Hillary, you've already been painted as the Whore of Babylon in those circles. She strokes our collective dicks with her support of same-sex civil unions. That's just a cop-out. She knows that the rights associated with civil unions are not even close to those granted by marriage.
  • She supports the use of nuclear weapons
I want a woman to be President of the United States. I just don't want it to be Hillary. I like Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel. Unfortunately, they probably won't make it. If it ends up being Hillary against a Republican, of course I'll vote for her. But I will be really surprised if all of us little people don't quickly become "invisible" again, the day after she's sworn into office.

I close with a quote from the TruthDig article, something that made me so freakin' mad. But please read the whole thing:

The Globe noted that “When Geraldine Ferraro was the Democratic candidate for vice president in 1984, she was dogged by questions about whether she could ‘push the button’ to launch an attack if the Cold War turned hot.” The paper then quoted Ferraro as saying that Clinton, whom she supports for president, has passed that test: “You can’t do that with Hillary Clinton. Hillary is in a totally different place.”

Great, so forget the hope that a woman president might prove to be more enlightened than macho men in the matter of peacemaking, and instead rest assured that Hillary would have the cojones to “push the button” that would kill us all. Once again, the old Clintonian tactic of triangulation: positioning oneself politically instead of taking a position of integrity.

NOW I'll Laugh

Neocons aren't funny. They can't even get close to being funny. They're nasty, yes. And sometimes that can pass as funny, but no, it never does for them. They can do great war/destructo/torture TV shows and other worthless things. But they fail miserably at funny. (Just picture Karl Rove rapping, if you will.)

So, it isn't a big surprise that FAUX NEWS canceled the terrible show they created as competition to Jon Stewart (chuckle), Half Hour News Hour.


Monday, August 13, 2007

The Mob = You and Me Babe

From the New York Times:

In the Wall Street Journal interview today, Mr. Rove said he knew that some people might suspect he was leaving office to avoid scrutiny but said, “I’m not going to stay or leave based on whether it pleases the mob.”

The Mob. That would be me and you and you and you...and also you guys that voted for Bush and you guys that are still thinking that the surge is working. Don't even try to think that you're excluded from The Mob.

This is the most perfect example, directly from the horse's ass's mouth, of what the Bush administration thinks of the American people.

Holy Shit: Rove Resigns

As much as this announcement just made my jaw drop, it did not make me happy or sad. It just means that Rove will continue to advise the president and the republican party, helping them creatively wreck the fucking country. But now he'll also be available for expensive speaking engagements and maybe he'll write a book. I only hope he is prosecuted at some time in his life, maybe even soon.

Good luck to ya, Karl, the guy who "invited Chicago vagrants to turn up for free beer at a plush reception for a Democrat [sic] state candidate".

Cheney and His Quagmire

I feel challenged lately to squash the myth that there aren't very many female progressive bloggers out in the 'sphere. However, I don't feel especially qualified to be called a female progressive blogger, even though I'm female, cotton to a progressive philosophy and am, er, blogging. But I am such an infant in the political realm, still learning and digesting.

However, in my continuous learning process, I had already come across the fact that Cheney had publicly called an invasion of Iraq a quagmire. I shook my head in disgust and wonder, but didn't blog about it. I still scratch my head as to why he would so firmly say these things and then drag us into this horrible, um, quagmire.

Well, those feisty female (and some male) bloggers over at my favorite hangout Firedoglake, have a great post and lively comments about this very issue. Have a read. By the way, I have learned as much, or maybe even more, from the comments on Firedoglake, so don't miss out on them.

Carpetbagger Report: FISA Revisions Shred 4th Amendment

I hate to just throw a link in here without some sort of my own commentary or analysis but this CarpetBagger Report called "Shredding the Fourth Amendment" assembles the best information on this issue and says everything that needs to be said. So here it is, verbatim. Pass it along:

In describing the resent FISA “revisions,” Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter gets shrill.

I hate to sound melodramatic about it, but while everyone was at the beach or “The Simpsons Movie” on the first weekend in August, the U.S. government shredded the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, the one requiring court-approved “probable cause” before Americans can be searched or spied upon. This is not the feverish imagination of left-wing bloggers and the ACLU. It’s the plain truth of where we’ve come as a country, at the behest of a president who has betrayed his oath to defend the Constitution and with the acquiescence of Democratic congressional leaders who know better. Historians will likely see this episode as a classic case of fear — both physical and political — trumping principle amid the ancient tension between personal freedom and national security. […]

Democrats obtained a sunset clause that requires the whole thing to be reauthorized in six months. But real damage has been done. At a minimum, we have suspended the Fourth Amendment for the time being.

That sums things up quite nicely, actually. In related news…

* Anonymous Liberal explains why the new FISA law is even worse than it sounds.

* The Washington Post offers a fascinating tick-tock account of how the legislation was proposed, debated, and passed.

* The New York Times editorial board accuses the Bush White House of intentionally keeping the details muddled so as to mislead lawmakers and the public.

* Kevin Drum wades through the details to discover that there is “virtually no oversight on NSA’s data collection at all.”

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bush Reveals New Terror Threat In Recent Presser

But...but...they're so slow...

Video provided by our friends over at Ectoplasmosis:

Friday, August 10, 2007

Cheney Urging Military Strikes on Iran

Hey Dick: You and what fucking army?

Read article at TruthOut here.

UPDATE: Oh now I get it, they're going to bring back the draft. That's how they'll put together an army. Duh! It will be interesting how many 18-25 year olds who now support the war and the Bush administration will suddenly turn into leftist hippies.

Canada - a lovely place to live.

Iran Criticizes US Over Friendly Talks With Canada

I couldn't resist writing my headline after I saw this headline on Al Jazeera:

"US Criticizes Iraq Over Friendly Talks With Iran."

You know, because it's never a good idea to have friendly talks with one of the countries that borders your own country. Think of the consequences of THAT!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Defy American Media Control - Watch Al Jazeera Streaming Live at JumpTV

YouTube offers a subscription to Al Jazeera English but it doesn't include the live news, just pre-produced shows, which are really well done, but the live news is worth watching.

Now you can get it free at Click here to view.

Jack Burkman, The Philandering Family Values Guy, on Al Jazeera

I'm watching an Al Jazeera news story about the hostage crisis in Guantanamo. I call it that because that's what it is. We took people hostage, illegally, and we are letting them rot as prisoners without any due process. The fake investigations and fake trials are all just a sham.

ANYway, Britain has reversed an earlier decision to not accept some of the hostages back into the UK because they were not citizens. So now they are asking for the release of these former British residents from Guantanamo, meaning they were British residents, not citizens, at the time they were tossed into Guantanamo. Meaning they weren't illegal aliens. Britain is asking for their release BUT they don't want to take them back into Britain. They don't think it's their responsibility. The problem with that is if these people are returned to their country of origin, they will probably be tortured. Al Jazeera interviewed a guy who said that Britain had a moral obligation to those people but when that was brushed off (morals are only important when the Neocon fanatical Christians are talking), he said that Britain also had a legal obligation because these people had actually gained legal status in Britain before they ended up being hostages.

Anyway, who did they bring on via phone as an opposing opinion? "Republican strategist" Jack Burkman.

Yes, that would be the Jack Burkman who is just a freaking lobbyist, who goes on and on about "family values" and then has his phone number show up on the DC Madame's phone list AND solicits two young ladies to come to a hotel room and have sex with him for $$$.

Where did Al Jazeera dig him up? Is this the beginning of corporate control of Al Jazeera? We shall see.

But here's what ol' Jack said that made me and my boyfriend turn to each other and drop our mouths to the floor.

He practiced what Hitler called The Big Lie. That's when you state something that is not only untrue but amazingly untrue and you state it as if it is undeniably true. Wikipedia says that Hitler defined it in his 1925 autobiography Mein Kampf as a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously".

Impudence. Good word. Covers the entire Bush administration.

Here was Jack Burkman's Big Lie:

Tony Blair is going to end up being viewed more favorably by history, just as Nixon is now regarded more favorably.

WTF?? Show me where you big perverted slimebag ass. Just show me who is saying that Nixon was a great President. Other than some Neocon goof balls or radio show comedians.

I missed the rest of his blathering bullshit because I was puking in the bathroom. I think he was responding to a question as to whether or not this action by Britain is an indication of Britain changing it's position about the Iraq war and changing its support for the Bush administration. He ended his soliloquy with "That would just be stupid."

So are you Jack. So are you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Diesel for President 2020

My pal Diesel (we're not really friends yet, just tentative admirers) did a mathematical calculation (it probably took him a few years and many pencil stubs), and realized that based on the campaign time continuum trajectory (huh?) for the 2008 presidential election, he would have to start campaigning now for the 2020 election. So, he declared his intentions publicly yesterday and told us where he will stand on the issues. as best as he can predict what they will be by then. Here's a little taste:

The War on Terror I am strongly in favor of the War on Terror. In fact, I think the War on Terror should be drastically expanded to include all other unpleasant states of mind, such as Boredom and "the Heebie Jeebies." I don't think we should stop fighting until we are all happy all of the time. But we must stop before we hit Complacency, because the war will be on that too.

He also thinks we should just save all the money we usually spend on campaigning and buy Canada. I think Mexico might be a better deal but I'll take his idea under consideration.

I think Diesel is extremely qualified, with his long tenure as a proud, serving member of the Mattress Police. If he hasn't entered your bedroom and inspected your mattress tags yet, then you aren't worth inspecting. You should move to that Man-Pee- and Dog-Poop-covered Socialist country, France, like I did. (Ahhh. More gratuitous link-backs)

But don't listen to me, some lone blogger, howling my angriness into the Verdant Void. Do your own research by buying his book. (You don't necessarily have to read it, just wave it in front of your forehead and you'll know all. Or put it on your coffee table so your friends will think you have a sense of humor. Or give it to someone who you think may be lacking in a sense of humor.) In the book, Diesel will reveal that he is actually a vegetarian, hippie, smack-shooting, fundamentalist Rastafarian homo. I haven't actually read it, but that's what Rush Limbaugh told me and I believe everything Rush says.

(Disclaimer: This post was not paid for by the Elect Diesel 2020 campaign. I'm just doing this because he makes me laugh every day and that's worth sumthin.)

Monday, August 6, 2007

What I've Been Waiting For: Candidate Issue Comparison Chart

I was thinking of doing an '08 candidate issue comparison chart myself but I knew it would be a lot of work. Now some very nice person named kentbye did it for us. Actually, the original chart was done by but kentbye reorganized it and colored it so it would be easier to read and understand.

I tried to upload an image here but it was too large, so you'll have to click here to view the large chart.

I'm going to study it but I have some comments and questions right off the bat:

  1. Don't bother looking at any of the Republicans. They are freaks. I glanced at Ron Paul because he seems to be getting a lot of Internet attention. It's easy to know where he stands; he's against everything except: drilling for oil, building a border fence, withdrawing from Iraq
  2. How can anyone, especially Democrats, support the death penalty in this day and age? What are we, barbarians? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, we're Christians. It's OK to kill people in God's name. Shame on the following so-called Democrats: Clinton, Edwards, Biden, Dodd, Richardson
  3. And how can anyone, in this day and age, be against same-sex marriage? Just get over your phobic selves and get your noses out of people's sex lives. And don't be fooled if they are for civil unions. They aren't a viable alternative. Civil unions do not afford all of the same rights to a couple as a marriage. Jeesh. Shame on the following so-called Democrats: Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Biden, Richardson
  4. Most of the silly Democrats support No Child Left Behind, a complete disaster created by Bush but given such a genius name by Karl Rove that few candidates have the balls to stand against it. Only Gravel shows any juevos on this one.
  5. Now that I look closely, of all the issue positions that are known about Gravel, I agree with all of them. Man. Does he have a snowball's chance in hell?
I think I'll go ask him.

UPDATE: Kucinich is a favorite of mine too. The only thing I wonder about is why he supports building a border fence. I come from Arizona where, if you drive a mile due west, out of the town of Naco, the fence just ends. Everybody can just walk around it and into the US. It's nuts.

Now Lisa, About That Anger

I've been thinking about my anger. For about 30 years. I haven't come to any final conclusions. I'll let you know when I do. Meanwhile, don't piss me off. It isn't pretty.

There are a few things that I have observed, though. When men get angry, it's ok. When women get angry, it's not.

So finally, it took a woman to conduct a study to prove what we've all known for 3000 years.

Check out this article over at the Suicide Girls' blog:

Angry Men Make the World Go Round, Angry Women are Incompetent Bitches.

(That's an angry-ass font, isn't it?)

The article also reminded us that Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman said back in '04 that Hillary Clinton was too "angry" to be elected president. He's a dick. Plain and simple. Chris Mathews is also a dick. He called Hillary a witch.

I'm not voting for Hillary unless I have to. But just because she's smart and powerful, doesn't mean she's an angry witch.

I went looking for photos to illustrate the difference between angry men and angry women. I found a "respectable" angry man picture right away. All the angry woman photos were either depicting crazy, out-of-control women, women who were hanging onto or kneeling in front of and desperately grasping at fleeing men, or scantily-clad, sexy women with guns or knives (ala Ursula Andress). So I guess I just conducted my own study and proved the same point, in less than 5 minutes, with no funding, by the way.

Here's the "respectable" angry man. The one with "righteous" anger. Like Jesus.

"I'll get those dirty Huns for killin' my womens and chillins." Blech.

Look how manly he is. Did he have to have red hair?

Now here's a woman that you've got to respect. She looks real capable. She doesn't waste any time showing off by throwing her hat on the ground and ripping off her jacket. No. She just calmly pulls her gun out and aims it straight and steady. I like her.

(Full Disclosure: OK, I couldn't resist using this photo on my other blog today too. She's aiming that gun over there too.)

190,000 Missing Guns Found in Cheney's Bunker

The US Government reluctantly admitted (after being exposed by an investigation carried out by the Government Accountability Office) that, well, yeah, ok, so 190,000 weapons, including 110,000 AK-47 assault rifles, went off and got themselves lost. Shame on them. We kept telling them and telling them, "Pay attention! Don't get lost!" But would they listen? No.

Meanwhile, Iraq's ambassador to Washington complained that the US wasn't giving them enough weapons.

I can make a bet, right here and now. America will shrug its collective shoulders. Congress will pass a bill to supply the Iraqi army with more guns.

Meanwhile, those guns are sitting in Cheney's bunker, ready for his next hunting trip. Or his next war in Iran. Or he's selling them to the Chinese. Or he's shipping them to KBR and taking a cut off the profits.

And somebody actually sent me an email the other day, bitching about them thar illegal aliunz that are tekin' awl ar social sekurity rhats and makin' us real Amerikuns stand in line in hospituhls. Billions and billions of our tax dollars have been completely and utterly wasted on this war. Lost. Squandered. Stolen. And everybody is getting all stirred up about them mexikuhns.

Pisses me off.

UPDATE: Great quote from an article on Americablog:

"Incidentally, lest you think this is a general problem with weapons disbursement, or even just a general military problem, you should know that we distributed $100 million worth of defense equipment in Bosnia, and the GAO found no problems in accounting for those weapons."

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Animal Liberation Movement

I got an email yesterday from an old friend who was one of my roommates when I lived in California. I referred to her yesterday at my Omyword blog as the cream-faced Delila in my Burning Hands post. She can keep that pseudonym for now until she tells me she wants another one.

Delila was waaaaay more political than I was in those days. Of course, at that time in my life, voting for President every 4 years would have qualified somebody as more political than me. We had another roommate who loved to play devil's advocate with Delila, even though he leaned in the same direction as she did. That would be towards the left, or as the French say, vers la gauche. Their conversations were passionate, to say the least. I just hid in my bedroom.

Delila told me in the email that she had recently read a book and began to learn more about the Animal Liberation Movement and gave me a link and asked me to blog about it. This is the book that Delila just read:

My first knee-jerk thought was, Holy shit, these are those nutcases that harm other people and their property in the name of animal rights. This guy Keith Mann went to prison for his Animal Lib activities. But I have learned to allow those thoughts to bubble up while I plow into research to understand all the underlying or related facts. I haven't yet learned why he was arrested or convicted. Somebody said to me today when I mentioned what I was writing about, "Man, those guys are worse than PETA." I haven't done enough research to find out whether that's true.

There's no way I can learn everything about this issue in the next couple of hours. It's very, very deep.

And, for somebody like me who recently published a blog post entitled, I Like Meat, I sure as hell am not the best person to be opining about this issue, as I sit with my leather sandals on and my cat under my legs. Conflict!

But what the hell, conversation is what blogging is about. Investigation, reading, listening, talking, learning. So here goes.

The first time I learned something about animal testing was when I was VP of marketing for a skin care company. We were launching a men's skin care line and my boss taught me so much about the cosmetics industry. This education happened while he was roller blading through the office in skin-tight satin short shorts or when he wasn't loudly explaining the difference between man/woman sex and man/man sex while we were in a limo driven by a Middle Eastern guy in a turban. ("With women you need soft music and foreplay. With men honey, you just go wham! wham! and slam it in and Bam! you're done!")

ANYway...My boss was the one who told me that the "no animal testing" label on cosmetics meant that the manufacturer had merely used ingredients that had long ago been tested on animals and proven to be non-problematic to humans. The label was just saying that the manufacturer personally did not pay to have any of their ingredients or their final formulas tested on animals and that they just didn't use any new ingredients that had yet to be tested. That was an eye opener.

I read the two excerpt chapters from Keith Mann's book and although some things he said made me squint, it was a good read. He's a storyteller and this is a fascinating story. It's an insider's viewpoint and taken as such, it's incredibly revealing. It makes me want to buy the book to learn more.

Here's a question that came to mind: If animal testing for new drugs and disease cures is not a viable process (the premise is that animals aren't enough like humans so the tests are not accurate), then what is the replacement? How do we test new drugs/cures if we decided to ban animal testing for those purposes?

As I read more on the subject, I may come up with the answer and do an update.

And I don't want to hear the old dominion argument. That we big manly men were put on this earth by some guy with a beard in the sky called God and he told us personally that we were better than those animal things and that we could slaughter them and use them up and abuse them however we see fit. That's bullshit and we all know that. If you don't know it yet then you just need to get out more often.

Ok, so here's where the big fat hypocrisy comes in. If I don't believe in dominion then I don't have any right to buy and eat animals. Or wear them. If I take three seconds to think about it, by eating and wearing animals, I've only been able to do so because I've rationalized their death in some stupid way.

But I'm not prepared to throw out all my shoes and belts and purses and jackets. And I'm not prepared to stop eating animals.

So how can I ever get involved at any level of this issue without being a huge hypocrite? Can I dabble my toe in it and loudly proclaim against vivisection and only buy cosmetics that have never been involved with animal testing but at the same time keep eating murdered cows and wearing murdered cow hide purses, belts and shoes? I think at this point, all I can do is raise the questions and see what the answers are.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dick Cheney Sings a Song for Scooter

They launched My Damn Channel today. Anything that involves Harry Shearer is worth watching. And so, as a celebratory post, I offer you this video of Dick Cheney as a smoky blues bar singer crooning a velvety ode to Scooter Libby: