Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Young Republicans

My parents moved me and my next-oldest sister from Philadelphia to Arizona around 1971. I was just starting my freshman year in high school and my next-oldest sister was starting her first year in college.

A third sister graduated from college and moved into our house in AZ to start her job search. Since she was in a new state, she joined the Young Republicans to get connected and meet people in Arizona. She ended up meeting two men in this organization, one who stalked her and another one whom she married.

Good for her. Except for the fact that her husband was, well, a freak. Here is a bulleted list of the reasons why:

  1. He decided I was a communist hippie (I was 13 years old) who loved cats; so he liked to tell me stories about torturing cats when he was a boy
  2. As a boy he was given a chemistry set with which he grew bacteria and then put the bacteria in the sandwiches of children who had taunted him about his religion, hoping to make them very ill
  3. He had not then and has never since, served in the military
  4. He regularly talked about starting his own army and the first person he was going to kill would be Jane Fonda (glance in my direction to gauge my reaction). "Who the fuck is Jane Fonda?" I wondered. (I swear to Buddha, I just looked up and there was Jane, on French TV, speaking French, on a L'ORÉAL commercial.)
  5. In his back yard, he invented an underwater "shark gun" which he was trying to sell to the US Navy and was angry that they had no interest
  6. He was the #1 sales guy, many years in a row, for a major computer peripherals manufacturer, but when my sister divorced him, he claimed disability, left his job, and never paid my sister one red cent of child support for their daughter
  7. Since his declared disability and divorce, he has flown to the Cayman Islands 2-4 times a year for over 20 years
You may understand now why I might have a feeling of, uh, distaste for those Young Republican freaks of yesteryear. It looks like things have not changed one iota in over 30 years. Max Blumenthal of The Huffington Post decided to be a video journalist at the College Republican Convention Tour. (article link) The video is priceless. Full of clueless collegians reiterating Bush Administration talking points and full of excuses for not serving in this war that they support so fervently. Take a gander:


Diesel said...

I've seen that video. It's pretty good.

That guy sounds like a real winner.