Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why I Won't Vote for Hillary - Unless I Have To

If she's the only Democrat left standing in the 2008 election then I will be forced to vote for her. But I don't like the fact that she and Bill have their hands in too many corporate tills, including arch enemy and I-Want-To-Control-The-Earth's-Media Rupert Murdoch. Here's an interesting fact from the Sicko website:

SiCKO: Hillary Clinton became the second largest recipient in the Senate of health care industry contributions.

  • "As she runs for re-election to the Senate from New York this year and lays the groundwork for a possible presidential bid in 2008, Mrs. Clinton is receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from doctors, hospitals, drug manufacturers and insurers. Nationwide, she is the No. 2 recipient of donations from the industry, trailing only Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, a member of the Republican leadership." Raymond Hernandez and Robert Pear, "Once an Enemy, Health Industry Warms to Clinton," New York Times, July 12, 2006.