Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Borowitz Report: Making Me Laugh Every Morning

I've been pondering all of my angry political angst. Especially after Bush's Latest Libby Lagniappe. I can rant and rave, rail and ravage, but it's kind of like that one hand clapping thang. You know, "Does a hand clap in the woods?" I think that was the question.

Anyway, one thing I do know is that humor can be very powerful. Think about Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I think those guys have done a huge service to their country by just being smart asses. They are in the category of seriously funny. Serious stuff, dished up with a laugh. Every week or so, since I'm in France and can't see those boys on TV, Bart and I huddle in front of my computer and we play videos of the show.

In the same category is Andy Borowitz. I don't remember how or where I found him, but I've been getting his daily Borowitz Report in my email box for over a year, and what a way to start my day. Like this morning's headline:

Cheney Declares Himself National Monument
Latest Attempt to Dodge Subpoena

And here's a little snippet:

Perhaps in an effort to control the crowds, Mr. Cheney announced today that the admission price for seeing him would be set at $75,000. White House spokesman Tony Snow defended the $75,000 price tag, saying that it was an appropriate price to see a national monument of Dick Cheney’s stature. “Seventy-five thousand dollars is what it costs to see Dick Cheney,” Mr. Snow said. “Just ask any lobbyist.”

hehe. Nice.

In addition to his daily Borowitz Report, Andy is a stand-up comic and public speaker. You can hire him to tell your employees all about "Who Moved My Soap? The CEO's Guide to Surviving in Prison."

I also bought his book, The Republican Playbook, and loved it. It was published in October of 2006 though, so based on the shenanigans of the Republicans since then, I hope there's an update or maybe even a sequel in the works.

Anyway, if you want really quick laugh therapy every morning, sign up for his daily report. You won't regret it.

Meanwhile, I will ponder turning my anger into smart-ass humor and perhaps then I will feel like I'm making some contribution to or maybe I'll even get an exclusive invitation to join the Secret Liberal Communist Terrorist Agenda. Perhaps then I will find my other hand, somewhere out there in the woods, waiting to be clapped, again and again and again, until it's red, and hurting, but satisfied.