Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More Pleasure From the Bobblespeak Translations

And I still love this guy, whoever he is. At least I now know that he prefers wine to beer, Dood.

From the Tim Russert interview with Colin Powell:

so we should never have invaded another country oops your bad

Saddam had a Get Out of Jail Card all he had to do was present his Massive Weapons of Death

so it was like Monopoly

yeah I was the wheelbarrow and Bush was the little hat

So...on that note, I found an interesting theory about who you are based on the Monopoly game piece you choose:

Powell the Wheelbarrow: Your individuality is important to you--that's why you pick a piece that nobody else would even consider using on account of how stupid it is. In contrast, you are fairly smart; it's too bad you always act like kind of an idiot.

Bush the Top Hat: Your sense of humor is appreciated by your friends, and you have a way of being the life of the party. However, you need to focus more on your long-term future. I mean, what the hell are you going to do with your life? Are you just going to sit on the couch all afternoon? Jesus Christ, go get a job. And vacuum the goddamned living room like I asked.


The Author said...

Ha Ha!

Funny insight, dood

- The Bobblespeak Guy