Tuesday, June 12, 2007

He’ll Always Have Albania

I burst out laughing at that Truthdig headline. It was the first time I have been compelled to write a blog post in many days. In truth, I have been despondent. The air has been sucked out of my tyres (as they spell in England). The abject failure of the Democrats in standing up to the Bush administration and the Iraq funding bill, or maybe I should say the abject bending over of the Democrats, was a big blow to my hopefulness. I really want the US to be the country it was supposed to be, to actually stand for something, uh, like freedom and human rights and and and The Constitution for Christ's sake.

Now the United States government is simply made up of the world's most arrogant school yard bullies, with real-live bad guys like Cheney and his Neocon cohorts propping up an ignorant little twit of a president. It's disgusting.

So are you depressed now too or am I all alone in this? Is there anyone out there that still has any fight in them? While we (ok I) loll around in the fetal position, those bastards are laughing all the way to the Bank of Halliburton.

ANYway, in honor of Truthdig I'd like you to read the article so you can laugh and cry too. Here are some juicy excerpts:

George W. Bush, Hero of Albania! At least there’s one place in the world where they show the Decider some love. That was a wonderful reverse-Borat moment Sunday, with the joyous townspeople of Fushe Kruje yelling “Bushie! Bushie!” and Albania’s prime minister gushing over the “greatest and most distinguished guest we have ever had in all times.”

The crowd pressed in for autographs, photographs, a presidential peck on the cheek. Years from now, in his dotage, Bushie will feel warm all over when he recalls those magical hours in Albania. How they adored him!

Outside of greater Tirana, however, the president’s stock as an apostle of freedom continues to fall—and rightly so. Even as Albania swooned, the rest of Europe was digesting a blue-ribbon report issued Friday about the abduction, secret detention and abusive interrogation of suspects in Bush’s “war on terror.”

Citing “clear and detailed confirmation” from knowledgeable sources, Marty concluded that Poland and Romania, as long suspected, were two countries that hosted secret CIA prisons where “high value” detainees were held and interrogated.

Polish and Romanian officials have said they are shocked—shocked!—that anyone would accuse them of having anything to do with CIA dungeons and/or the “enhanced” questioning techniques that the report describes as torture.

The Polish and Romanian officials are just shocked - shocked!

Yeah, like when they're confronted by their wives with the lipstick on their tighty-whities and they are just shocked - shocked!

A grand show of furious indignation works every time and also gives them time to wipe away any other evidence, like love notes and Swiss bank accounts.