Thursday, June 28, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards Kicks Butt

Long ago and far away in a distant land called Arizona, I met some of my family for lunch before my niece's wedding. They were discussing Ann Coulter's new book. Since I had been hiding from politics (and most of my family) for so long, I had no idea who she was. My eyes glazed over, I focused on my patty melt and checked out of the conversation (par for the course) but later I went home and looked her up. Well. Enough said.

Then as I continued to devour political news I read more and more about her and liked her less and less. This would imply that I liked her in the first place, which is not true. It wasn't that I sought her out, she just kept popping into my news sphere like a sad and aging and bitter version of Paris Hilton. Blech.

So then there was the famous John-Edwards-is-a-faggot incident. (I prefer to think of the British definition of faggot which is meatball. But I'm not sure that this would be an accurate description of John Edwards either. Image courtesy of the Shaggy Sheep Tour of Wales website and it is entitled "Eating a Faggot.") For a while, Coulter disappeared from my radar. Didn't miss her for a second.

Then I heard she would be back on TV on the Chris Mathews show and I joined my fellow Liberal bloggers in asking the question, "And...uh...why does anyone giver her the time of day?" It actually is a good question. There's the very obvious answer...because the MSM thinks that her kind of shocking behavior and invective ups their ratings. But I think it's a little deeper than that. She sells books and she is popular, which means she is a voice for some definable demographic out there.

So does this mean she is the voice of my family? Ugh. The only member of my family that reads this blog is my niece in DC who is fascinated by politics and who leans to the right but has a lefty boyfriend. :-) Nice balance there. I haven't asked her what she thinks of Coulter. I'd be interested to know. I don't have to ask my mother - she has Coulter's book as a bookend right behind her couch so I had to look at Coulter every time I visited my parents and leaned down to give my Mom a hug. I don't get it. I just don't. How can anyone subscribe to this woman? How can they buy her books? How does anything that she says or does have any positive impact on or cause any evolution of our world?

It's obvious that I don't like Bush, Cheney and all the other members of the PNAC Neocon Cabal, but I don't wish that any of them were dead. They are human beings with husbands/wives and children and other loved ones attached to them. Their death would start a long chain of sorrow for all those who care about them. And I bet there are a few Democrats in that line of loved ones. Wishing them dead makes their children or grandchildren feel less safe in this world. "Wow, she said that about my Dad? What does she want to do to me?" And Coulter's taunting of John Edwards about the death of their son is pretty damn low too. I just don't get the attraction to somebody like Coulter. Maybe the fact that I worry about inflicting pain on anybody means I'm a wuss or a pussy or a fagot, or maybe even a meatball. My mother used to call me Pollyanna.

For a little laugharooni, I wrote a "psychology of Ann Coulter in 30 seconds or less" on my other blog about French Hip-Hop music today. :-)

Anyway, in case you missed it, Elizabeth Edwards called in to the Chris Mathews show to confront Coulter directly. She had heard Coulter express her desire for John Edwards' death by a terrorist attack on the previous day's interview on some other show. It was a sad day on Chris Mathew's show for Coulter in my opinion, but the right wingers are saying she was amazing. I thought she was blubbering nonsense. I think the ovation for Elizabeth from the live audience tells a different story. In my search for a link to give you so you can hear or read the transcript, I got so sickened by the post-event comments that I lost interest in linking to anything. (Update - I found this link.)

But in my reading I did find out that Coulter is launching a new book so that's why she's doing the press rounds. And the more outrageous and nasty she can be, the more books she sells. So this will continue for a while. The death-by-terrorist statement was also supposedly taken out of context - that she was referring to Bill Maur's statement about if Cheney died in a terrorist attack it wouldn't be a bad thing (or something like that). The left is saying Mathews is a right-wing putz and the right is saying Mathews is a left-wing stooge and blah blah blah blah blah.

This is probably closer to the truth...Mathews is on a TV show. He needs ratings to survive. Nothing more thrilling than a cat fight. He got to go on a bunch of other shows the next day and talk about it all. Coulter will sell more books. Edwards will get more votes. And we, the general public? Duped voyeurs.

Onwards and upwards, I hope.