Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bush on the Loss of His Watch: I Meant to do That

Jack! You were right!

Another thing that Jack said yesterday at our long lunch is that Bush said he purposely put his watch in his pocket in Albania after he realized that so many people were grabbing at his arms that he should probably take his watch off. One of the problems I have encountered from being so busy setting up the social community for the Triomf Movie is that I am WAY behind on reading the news from my FeedReader. So, I missed the fact that new video from another angle surfaced that shows Bush taking his watch off himself:

Does the fact that he removed it mean he doesn't trust those darn Albanians that love him so passionately? Is that the same thing as when I oh-so-casually lock my car door when parked at a stop light where a homeless guy is holding up a sign asking for money? (Yes, I am guilty.)

No, it means that George Bush was being prudent, just like me at those stop lights.