Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blogging Angry

We have lovely friends here in Paris, Debby and Jack. Debby is a minister and therapist, Jack a financial adviser. Jack leans more to the conservative POV and so we have some lively debates. The most recent was fueled by rum. It was heated and at one point, Debby asked us both, trying to find common ground, "What are your values, what is it that makes you so passionate?" And I surprised myself by crying and saying, "Because so many people are dying for no reason." I guess that sums it up. We can argue for eons about whether or not PNAC is a cabal, but as we sip our rum and argue, one (or 92 but who's counting) more soldier or civilian dies.

Jack made the comment that he noticed how angry my blog posts are. It's true. And I agree with Digby that it may just be time to be angry. Anger can put a fire in your belly and get you off your ass, as it has for me.

However, something else has been going on in the back of my mind...I watch Democrats reacting to the right-wing noise machine constantly and I realize that some or maybe all of us are operating in victim mode.

This last Thursday night Bart and I were out on the streets of Paris celebrating the Fête de la Musique, one night a year when everyone hits the streets and sings and plays music. Not just pros, but everyday people. It can be horrible and wonderful. I'll write more about it in my omyword blog. So we ended up in our favorite Anarchist bar, L'Omadis (checkout two great photos of the outside of the bar when it is closed here and here), and we met this fascinating guy who's parents are Americans but who was raised here in Paris. He has a French political blog (link being verified). I ran my whole angry theory by him...

"For instance," I said, "I can look you up and down right now and with a sneer say, 'Blue Chinese shirts are immoral, should be outlawed or at least taxed and regulated, and you should be fined or imprisoned for wearing one!'" I sneered when I said it too. He couldn't help but look down at his shirt. Then I said, "Now you can have many different reactions to what I just said, but what we tend to do these days is launch into a defense of blue Chinese shirts. We do research, we gather coalitions, we release statements, we ask for donations for the "Save Blue Chinese Shirts" fund, we spend money and time...just to react to some motherfucker (there's that anger again) who decided to make a false issue about blue Chinese shirts...or the horrors of immigration (another false issue).

So what is the alternative? Do we stay angry so we can fight the fight? Do we let the bastards keep us in a constant defensive position? Or do we spend our time, money and energy in creating a new way?