Monday, May 7, 2007

Why I Moved to France & I Love Bill Maher


Colleen said...


Just a thought...don't you think Sarko looks exactly like Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast? Yes, I give you he was a candle stick, but a French one indeed and I think Sarko resembles him so much! Just SO French looking. I know that is cliche and stereotyping but honestly Sarko just defines a certain French look. Google Lumiere images and you will see him if you are not familiar with the movie (he does become human at the end). In the meantime, from now on while watching BBC World, when I see Sarko, I will wait for him to bust out in "Be Our Guest..."

Cheers and lots of love!

OMYWORD! said...

You know, when you first sent me that video clip, I saw a bit of resemblance but now that I have seen his face on the front of all the newspapers and magazines and watch him talk in news broadcasts, I see that you are dead on. It makes me smile now every time I look!