Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sarko Won

85.3% of the people voted. Wow. That's Democracy in action.

Sarkozy 53.3%
Royal 43.7%

This is an estimate but people are not waiting for the final count. This declaration by the way was made one second after 8PM. And the French vote manually, not electronically. What the hell is wrong with the United States voting process? sigh.

The celebration for Sarkozy was to take place at the Place de la Concorde. They just showed it on the news. It's pretty much empty. There was a large crowd outside of his campaign headquarters though.

Sego gave her speech with a big smile. She is elegant. I wish she had won frankly, no matter how vague her solutions were or weren't. Women really should run the world. History has proven that men just fuck it up. Go ahead, argue with me.

Ok we are of to go for a walk to see what's up in the hood.