Wednesday, May 2, 2007

About This Blog

I was raised in a family that was a bit...well...radical. To the far right I mean. I have often said that my parents were John Birchers, just to give people a reference point, but I am not sure my parents were card-carrying society members. My mother changed her Canadian citizenship in order to campaign and work for Barry Goldwater and she still has Christmas cards and an inaugural ball invitation from Nixon proudly displayed on her wall. My father believes that the recent majority of Democrats in the House and Senate signifies the end of the world. Personally I never believed that the Democrats would have the balls to be as focused and driven as they are proving to be. I am cautiously encouraged (Update: I am no longer cautious nor encouraged).

I was the youngest of six kids and I swear I must have been the product of a secret affair between my mother and some communist-artist-postman. All my brothers and sisters turned out to be right-leaning like our parents but for some reason I chose to tilt towards the left from early childhood. Maybe it was the time when, as a little girl, I was watching TV and it was announced that Martin Luther King had been assassinated. My mother happened to be standing behind me and said with a sneer, "Good riddance you communist bastard." I have never forgotten that. I understood the concept of disagreeing with someone but couldn't quite grasp the concept of celebrating their death. My mother called me Pollyanna because I just wanted everyone to get along. I still do.

Anyway, I grew up to be apolitical. In an atmosphere where challenging the status quo or asking provocative questions got me shouted down and ridiculed, I checked out. I voted once or twice years ago, but always Republican because that was all I knew. I also believed two things that are not true:

  1. I did not have the time to research all of the people and all of the issues in order to be an informed voter
  2. My vote didn't count
Meanwhile, George W. Bush and Iraq happened. At the same time, I had become fed up with Corporate America and its strangle hold on me and American life in general. In order to get elected, politicians were and still are in bed with corporations. "If you contribute to my campaign, I'll push legislation and other perks to help your business." Some think that this is the way of the world and that I am naive to think it should never happen. But I think new campaign finance and lobbying legislation could minimize this kind of corruption.

Meanwhile there's no escape from the barrage of media and commercials that push middle America ever closer to the cliff of over consumption and the quicksand of revolving credit card debt. After the tragedy of 911 what does Bush tell the country to do? Spend money. Go buy something. That will fix everything.

I recently quit my corporate job and went into business for myself. I also just turned 50. I started reading everything I could get my hands on, picking up books in airports by Molly Ivins (so sad that she's no longer around to kick butt and take names) and Jim Hightower. I was glued to FireDogLake's live blogging of the Libby trial and awed by the insight and intelligence of the people who commented during the process. I learned so much. Now I have a Feedreader and subscribe to RSS feeds from Truthdig, Huffington Post and many others. The truth is, you can get your arms around all this information and after a short period of time, things begin to fall into place.

You are never too old to get started or get involved. And my Democratic vote counted this past November.

So this blog is about my ongoing discovery, questions, research and opinions about politics. I hope to start a dialog with fellow travelers along this road and share information to help us all be better informed and take back our power as citizens. And if we differ in our views, at the end of the day, let's just all get along anyway, shall we?


jOolian said...

yoo so rawwwwwk !!! keep it up.... you are AWEsome!!!!
...put a smile on my day, no matter the pains... thank you!

kellypea said...

I've read "Oh My Word," but never realized this was here. OMG you are absolutely amazing. I LOVE it! And I'm totally with your thinking on this afternoon before "Super Tuesday." Yippie-I-Oh-Ky-aay!

OMYWORD! said...

Thanks to handsome Jooolllllzzzz, as always.

And Kelly - welcome and thanks! I'm heading over to the American church here in Paris to vote tomorrow for the Presidential Primaries. It should be interesting!

PeterofLoneTree said...

Fellow emigre Laura Knight-Jadcyzk lives up the road a piece from you. Check out her (as well as other's) newsite at as well as the discussion forum at SOTT Forum.
There ain't nuthin' they don't try to cover.

PeterofLoneTree said...

DUH! The links got sorta messed up and combined. (They looked okay on "Preview" though. Maybe your system only allows one link per comment?)

OMYWORD! said...

Hey PeterofLoneTree - thanks so very much for the link to Laura's website and the forums too. I will start hangin' in them thar neighborhoods. Thanks also for stoppin' by.

Bianca said...

That's the most interesting "about" page I have ever read. I will definitely stick aroung and participate. I totally relate to your way of thinking. I know that in the end "We are share the same world". See ya! bianca @ -- this is for anybody that believes we can come together to make a difference.

Political Peon said...

I believe that the term for "extreme left" is radical, and the term for "extreme right" is reactionary. That's what I learned in my intro to politics class inc oollege. I started college at age 40 and I'm not finished yet either!



bilco5 said...

After the last election I swore that I would get involved. Well, we're involved now.

G@ttoGiallo, the Instigator said...

Great. So clear and positive !
Bianca's right saying "the most interesting "about" page" ever...

Jeff said...

Love it all. Just turned 50 too, and there's no reason not to be a pissed off middle aged adolescent. We need to get this thing right.